The finest fly fishing for trout in Cheshire, on a stunning lake near Goostrey. There is ample private parking next to the fishing lodge, which is located close to the lake. Our members enjoy still water fly fishing 365 days of the year with an average hourly catch rate of 1.24 trout in May 2018. We ask all our members to renew their membership promptly as not doing so could result in a new member taking their place.

For nearly twenty years our members have enjoyed fly fishing at one of the most beautiful trout venues in Cheshire, located in quiet rural countryside just off the A50 close to the village of Goostrey.

Set in secluded woodland and surrounded with an abundance of plant and bird-life, our lake provides some of the most rewarding fishing to the discerning fly fisherman.

Huw’s News – W/E 8th Nov

Huw's News - W/E 8th November  This week's weather was far more settled with drier and calmer conditions, though temperatures were quite low. Some night time temperatures got down close to zero with the odd frost....

Huw’s News – W/E 1st Nov

Huw's News - W/E 1st November  The week started wet and windy with a good blow on Monday. These conditions continued through the week with Saturday being particularly rough. Rising fish are now few and far between....

Weekly Report 27/10/20

The wind turned south and west at the beginning the week bringing less settled weather. This seemed to stir the fish up even before the latest stocking with decent numbers of browns caught early in the week.  The...

The thirty seven acre lake has two islands and can be fished from either boat or bank with a number of fishing jetties being provided where the tree line comes close to the waters edge. 

The area surrounding the lake supports interesting and varied wildlife providing a natural source of feeding for the trout. The water is regularly stocked with hard fighting, full-finned rainbow trout which provide excellent sport.

Membership Information

Our superb trout fishing venue provides the discerning fly fisherman with the opportunity to fish in tranquil surroundings from either boat or bank.

Membership includes full use of the clubs facilities including clubs boats, lodge, and life jackets. Members can use our private parking next to the fishing lodge, which is located close to the lake. Our members are friendly, helpful and happy to share any tips on how to increase your catch rate.

Our membership is run on a non-commercial basis, and is limited to sixty members. The fishery therefore remains un-spoilt and a unique and pleasurable place to fish. Membership is on an annual basis running from March to February but we also allow new members to join during the year if there is availability.

Membership is priced at £350 per year, offering superb value for money due to the quality of fishing. There is a one off Joining fee of £100 for new members. Membership entitles you to fish for 365 days a year.

Please get in touch to add your name to the membership waiting list. 

Catch Rates

In 2019 the catch rates were excellent, with March 2019 working at just under 2 trout per hour. 

This June, despite lockdown and several weeks of closed fishing with a slow take up on reopening, we still managed a catch rate of 40 fish caught. 

Please see our Catch Reports page for more information. 

While our members enjoy trout fishing on a catch and release basis they can take three fish per visit. Regular stocking coupled with more catch and release fishing ensures that here are plenty of fish to be caught. 


Like any fishing club, we have basic rules to ensure members know what can and can’t be done. Our rules are simple and designed to make fishing enjoyable for all concerned. 

Please click here to see a copy of the rules.