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Fishing Report – Week Ending 11th Oct

As the weather cools, fly hatches are diminishing. Very small buzzers are still coming off with a few fish rising, more towards the middle of the day than early mornings as had been the case to the end of September. Fish are still being taken near the surface though.

Last week saw mixed weather with wet and windy days and others with plenty of sun. The effect of the rain can be seen at the lake with the level having risen 6 inches in the last couple of weeks.

Sunday saw one of the busiest days of the season with all boats out and anglers fishing the bank. Rods were seen being bent all over the lake, a rewarding sight.

The week saw a total of 24 visits in the book. 24 rainbows were recorded along with 25 browns. The browns were of good size with plenty of 2lb+ fish, topped off with a fine specimen of 4lb. Rainbows in general were smaller. The best bag was 8 fish with bags of 5 and 6 also recorded.

Fish came to all types of flies with plenty of fish to buzzers and damsels with others to wet flies and cats whiskers.

The weather forecast for the next week is largely dry with the wind form the north, keeping temperatures low, barely getting into double figures.

Days are shortening, so its time to make the most of any day time hatches before the winter months arrive.