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Fishing Spots

Your guide to the New Platt Fisheries lake, and the best areas to fish year round.  New Platt Fisheries is a shallow water of just under 40 acres, with most depths between 3 and 8 feet. Areas D to H on the map are the shallowest with depths of 3 to 5 feet. Area B is...
Membership 2020 Update

Membership 2020 Update

Due to high demand, membership is now full for 2020. 5 places will be released in September prior to winter stocking. If you wish to pre-register please send your name and contact number to info@newplattfisheries.co.uk.  We now have a new Facebook page, which is a...

October 2019 Stocking

We have 400 trout being delivered on 18th October 2019, all between 2 – 3 lbs. With the last stocking in September 2019 of 200 2-3 lbs trout and 50 4-5 lbs trout, will make for some great fly fishing.  

BFTA and Northern Nomad visitors in May

We had an open day on Saturday which brought visitors from the British Float Tubing Association and the Northern Nomads. Even though the start of the day was hail, rain and wind, it cleared up later and between the 8 of them they caught 75 trout with an average size...