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Huw’s News – W/E 1st November 

The week started wet and windy with a good blow on Monday. These conditions continued through the week with Saturday being particularly rough.

Rising fish are now few and far between. Even when the water is flat calm no rises are evident.

However, fish are still falling to floating lines though flies with bead heads are becoming more evident.

Monday saw the first of the tigers put in an appearance, falling to Huw in a bag of 10 fish.

The week saw 21 visits to the fishery with Sunday being the busiest day. The total for the week was 60 rainbows, 25 browns and 2 tigers. Mark C visited on Sunday putting his float tube to good use taking the biggest bag for the second week running with 20 fish, which included a rainbow of over 4lb, the biggest of the week. Other good bags were recorded during the week with Graham also getting to double figures.

The book shows fish being taken from all over the lake with the shallows at F & G starting to turn up fish. Fish are falling to a variety of flies including Diawl Bachs, buzzers, cats whisker and other bead heads.

Conditions look calmer for the coming week with light winds and drier conditions as the wind moves to the east. Overnight temperatures will fall to low single figures. As temperatures drop, the middle of the day is likely to become the most productive time.