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Huw’s News – W/E 8th November 

This week’s weather was far more settled with drier and calmer conditions, though temperatures were quite low. Some night time temperatures got down close to zero with the odd frost.

Angling pressure was light at the start of the week with the shorter days limiting opportunities for many. The midweek stocking encouraged a few more out later in the week with the weekend seeing good numbers fishing. Saturday was a busy day with all boats out and the odd bank angler. At one point there were 9 cars in the car park, whish is nice to see.

Totals for the week were:

37 visits

115 Rainbows

35 browns

The tigers are still being a bit coy.

For the 3rd week in a row, Mark C had the best bag with 20 fish from his float tube on Sunday.

There were a number of other double figure bags recorded including by John O, Huw and John G ,with several 7s and 8s besides.

Some good bags were recorded from the bank with Martin K taking 8 and 7 on consecutive days.

Martin M had a good day from his belly boat on Friday with 8.

Plenty of fish in the 3 to 3.5lb bracket were reported with a number of browns in that category.

Despite there being bigger fish caught, fish of the week must go to a 1.5lb rainbow caught on Saturday by Robin C, his first ever trout. Congratulations to Robin with hopefully many more to come.

Floating lines are still taking a lot of fish though sink tips and intermediates are being used by some as the fish start to lie that little bit deeper as the weather continues to cool.

Damsels were recorded as taking a number of fish this week with bead heads continuing to catch. Other productive patterns included buzzers and Diawl Bach.

Again, fish were taken from all over the lake.

The coming week is forecast for largely dry days though cloudy with slightly windier days. Milder night time temperatures are expected though the days will only be a few degrees warmer.

Make the most of the moderate weather as we don’t know what is around the corner.