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Our superb trout fishing venue provides the discerning fly fisherman with the opportunity to fish in tranquil surroundings from either boat or bank. Membership includes full use of the clubs facilities including unlimited use of the clubs boats and life jackets. Members can use our private parking next to the fishing lodge, which is located close to the lake. Our members are friendly, helpful and happy to share any tips on how to increase your catch rate.

This year the catch rates have been excellent with March 2019 working at just under 2 trout per hour. While our members enjoy trout fishing on a catch and release basis they can take three fish per visit.  Regular stocking coupled with more catch and release fishing ensures that here are plenty of fish to be caught. 

Our membership is run on a non-commercial basis, and is limited to sixty members. The fishery therefore remains unspoilt and a unique and pleasurable place to fish. 

Newplatt Fly Fishers Rules

Like any fishing club we have basic rules to ensure members know what can and can’t be done. Our rules are simple and designed to make fishing enjoyable for all concerned. Click here to see a copy of the rules.