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The wind turned south and west at the beginning the week bringing less settled weather. This seemed to stir the fish up even before the latest stocking with decent numbers of browns caught early in the week.

 The latest stocking included around 50 tiger trout which will offer something a little different amongst the browns and rainbows. To date, these have proved elusive though, Please be sure to record any of these caught separately in the book.

 Some fish are still rising but they are spasmodic. If you can target a rising fish, they are eager to take the fly and don’t seem fussy about pattern.

There were 30 visits for the week with 61 rainbows and 18 browns reported.

Mark C recorded 19 fish on the weekend fishing from his float tube. Several other bags of 7 to 11 fish were also recorded during the week.

The fish of the week came on Sunday in the shape of an overwintered rainbow of 7lb + to Nick E. A stunning specimen. Several 3lb fish were also recorded.

Fish were recorded all over the lake but A, B and H appeared in many records in the book. Productive flies included cats whisker, blobs, buzzers and  several wet flies.

With the clocks going back over the weekend, there will be little opportunity to fish after work in the week. However, for those able to take advantage of an early start, the sun will be up earlier.